Friday, November 21, 2008

Testing Interview Questions

Software Testing Interview Questions

Q.1 At what phase you write test case
Ans:- After the requirements, we are writing the test plan then these baseline docs(Requirement and test plan ),we will start writing test cases.

Q.2 Difference b/w Test plan, Test Strategy, Test Scenario and test case
Ans:- TEST PLAN :- Test plan is a document, developed by the test lead, which contains " "what to test" "How to test" "When to test " Who to test "

Test Strategy:- Is a document, developed by the "Project manger" which contains what type of technique to follow and which module to test.

Test Scenario:- A name given to test case is called Test Scenario. The test scenario is deal by the test Engineer

Test Case: - It is a document and it specifies a testable condition to validate functionality the test cases are deal by test engineer.

Order of STLC Test Strategy, Test Plan, test Scenario ,Test Case

Q.3 What is bug life cycle?

Q.4 What is meant by priority and severity?
Ans: - Priority: - Means "Importance of defect w.r.t customer requirement.
Severity means "Seriousness of the defect w.r.t functionality
Priority is assigned by test engineer and priority is assigned by developer.

Q.5 Difference between Verification and Validation?
Verification -It is a static testing procedure 2.Are we building the product right?

validation-It is a dynamic testing procedure 2.Are we building the right product?

Q.6 what is the difference b/w desktop application testing and web testing?
Desktop Testing--Desktop testing is standalone testing. 2. Desktop need not worry about number of user etc.
Web testing-- Web testing is related to client server.2. Web testing needs to have many testing’s like usability,GUI,Load Testing

Q.7 Web application Architecture??
Ans:-Web application is tested in 3 phases
1. Web tier testing—Browser compatibility.
2. Middle tier testing—Functionality, security.
3. Data base tier testing—Database integrity, contents.

Q.8 how would you do performance testing manually for website?
Ans:-By noting the time to load page or performance any actions with stop watch.


1. This is assigned by the Test Engineer
2. This is to say how badly the devation that is occuring is affecting the other modules of the build or release.
1. This is assigned by the Developer.
2. This is to say how soon the bug as to be fixed in the main code, so that it pass the basic requirement.