Monday, October 20, 2008

web site testing

By website tester Ashok Sharma

While testing a web application you need to consider following Cases:

• Functionality Testing
• Performance Testing
• Usability Testing
• Server Side Interface
• Client Side Compatibility
• Security

In testing the functionality of the web sites the following should be tested:
• Links
i. Internal Links
ii. External Links
iii. Mail Links
iv. Broken Links
• Forms
i. Field validation
ii. Error message for wrong input
iii. Optional and Mandatory fields
• Database
* Testing will be done on the database integrity.
• Cookies
* Testing will be done on the client system side, on the temporary Internet files.
Performance :
Performance testing can be applied to understand the web site’s scalability, or to benchmark the performance in the environment of third party products such as servers and middleware for potential purchase.
• Connection Speed:
Tested over various networks like Dial Up, ISDN etc
• Load:
i. What is the no. of users per time?
ii. Check for peak loads and how system behaves
iii. Large amount of data accessed by user
• Stress:
i. Continuous Load
ii. Performance of memory, CPU, file handling etc..
Usability testing is the process by which the human-computer interaction characteristics of a system are measured, and weaknesses are identified for correction.
• Ease of learning
• Navigation
• Subjective user satisfaction
• General appearance
Server Side Interface:
In web testing the server side interface should be tested. This is done by verify that communication is done properly. Compatibility of server with software, hardware, network and database should be tested.
Client Side Compatibility:
The client side compatibility is also tested in various platforms, using various browsers etc.
The primary reason for testing the security of a web is to identify potential vulnerabilities and subsequently repair them.
• Network Scanning
• Vulnerability Scanning
• Password Cracking
• Log Review
• Integrity Checkers
• Virus Detection


Joe said...

Did you simply copy and paste this from ???

sunny said...

well, ashok i did a very good job. what ever u have mentioned in your tutorial that all is required and fair enough. this is what people want short and correct definition. see every body copy but the point is hows the presentation and ease of understanding, u have it u know folk only want accuracy, i think u have it..... keep updating it buddy....

Ashok Sharma said...


sunny if you have any questions that you want to share with me please write here
I will also add your questions in my blogs.

Ashok Sharma said...

Dear Joe,
I never cut and paste this from
I only mentioned the questions which i faced during my interview session.

actually i have done a certified testing course and the institute give a book on manual testing from that book i just write on my blog.

Dear these are definitions and and you find almost the same one in every sites or blogs..

Anonymous said...

"hey mr. nice blog .,,.nice work,.,.dnt 4get updating man.,,.god bless ya"

வாழைப்பந்தல் said...


You have done a good job. keep updating .... All the best... i think you can collect some resources from too.. Try it...

Sree... said...

hi ashok, u did a gud job ...keep updating...

vinod said...

Hi Mr. Ashok,
My name is vinod.I am working in Airvana Networks.I want to change my domain so can you please let me know the fee structure and timing about manual and QTP testing.


Sapan said...

Hai Ashok,
You did a great job.Really,I was looking for these notes.
Could u add some test scenarios.

Java Books said...

Hi Ashok,
Thank you very much for posting the Questions and Answers.
I am Rajesh. I am working as a software Testing(Manual) Engineer past 3 years.

You mentioned in your tutorial that all were simple and easy way to understand and those all were accuracy. I read your blog. you said i have done certified testing course. Can you tell me which certification is best for entry level people.

neetu said...

Ashok you have done a great job. You blog is really very nice. The information that you have provided in every topic is really helpful. Keep up the good work. Software Testing Services

siddthu said...

i want how to test website testing and i want website testase models

sachin said...

very informative tips

swathichran said...

How do you prepare Bug Reports in QC? What all do you
include in Bug Report ? said...

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